Stackers X Alli K Design


We are so excited to FINALLY announce our collaboration with Alli Koch of Alli K Design, you may know her from the bestselling book ‘How To Draw Modern Florals’. Alli work is absolutely beautiful, her distinct style had us following her on Instagram for months before we reached out to collaborate, which makes this limited edition collection even more special for us.

We managed to catch up with Alli for a little interview, giving you a small delve in to the woman behind this beautiful brand.

I guess it makes sense to start at the beginning; when you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a teacher!

How did Alli K Design become what it is today?

Alli K Design has had many changes within its 3, almost 4 short years. It started with just making signs for friends and family, to wedding invites, to now illustrations a book, and murals. In order to do this I had to put my head down and focus on me and my own style.

Why did you choose to focus on florals specifically for you book?

Flowers are a part of nature, and in nature nothing is perfect. So having that mindset going into drawing makes it relaxing and fun.

What have you got planned in the future for Alli K Design?

I wish I knew! I didn’t think Alli K Design would have turned into what it is now, When I started I didn’t have these goals. They kind of just found me. I do hope to do more collaborations like this one and there will for sure be another book soon!

What’s your favourite flower and why?

The anemone, it comes in black and white 🙂

Quick fire round:
Doughnuts or Ice Cream?

Ice cream

Mornings of evenings?


Illustration or calligraphy?


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